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General Teaching


Whilst I’ve been in academia for about 2 and a half years now, I’ve only just seen off my second batch of first years and attended my first graduation (after much cajoling by a few final years).  Having a significant birthday approaching I’ve been thinking a great deal about what am I going to do for the next few years until retirement, I enjoy the teaching a lot and working on dissertations gives me tremendous pleasure, but I miss designing buildings is the dilemma that I’ve been having.  But there’s one aspect I’d not really considered when I moved to academia, and that’s that I genuinely love learning and essentially I’m getting paid to learn… not as well paid as I would be as a consultant, but I get a lot of time to be very self-indulgent and learn new skills.

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I try hard to not be the kind of lecturer that I had to endure when I was doing my degree and typically put anywhere between 5 and 12 hours of preparation behind every hour of lecture that I deliver.  I’m not saying that my lecturers weren’t prepared, they certainly knew their stuff, but they were really dry and tedious in their delivery and at times it felt a little like they were padding.  I had hoped to at least inspire a few of the engineers of the future and hopefully I’ve done that by combining my industry background with my enthusiasm, but what I hadn’t counted on was that my students would inspire me and teach me all sorts of things about the world and myself.

Having been fortunate to work with engineers, architects, and clients who have really been brave and pushed the boundaries of my abilities with the result that we’ve created some truly fantastic buildings together, I foolishly thought that all of this experience meant that as the lecturer the ability to inspire was my sole domain, but I’m frequently humbled and inspired by my students.  I’ll comfortably pull 17 hour days when I’ve a bee in my bonnet and can sustain this pace for several months at a go, but I’ve students who put my work ethic and self-discipline to shame.

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The beauty of teaching classes far in excess of a hundred students (many of whom are international) is that they come with a multitude and wealth of experience and perspectives.  Each of them are complex individuals with differing opinions and backgrounds and in all honesty I’d never really encountered this level of diversity in industry.  Each week I’m humbled and gain new perspectives from the students, some of whom have faced more adversity than I ever could have imagined and yet still manage to achieve impressive results and retain their ability to be great humans.  Something that perhaps I’ve lost track of at times during my career, but that hopefully I’m regaining as the days tick by.

When I joined academia, I had a clear exit strategy… 3 years and then exit back to industry.  It’s not that clear cut any longer though, I was prepared to be the lecturer… but I don’t think I was prepared to become the student and I’m discovering that I’ve still so much to learn that I may just have to hang around a little while longer than I had planned.