As I’m a chartered engineer returning to academia from industry, I started this blog to help me construct and structure my thoughts and experiences as I adjust to my new career in the public sector.  It will be a mixture of reflective posts, tutorials, and quite a lot of maths based work.  I know the majority of people will find the topics dull, but I’m hopeful that by sharing a few bits and bobs then it might help people in a similar position to myself.

If you’ve found anything that I’ve written about or shared in the least bit helpful or interesting, I’d love you to leave a comment or make contact.

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    Dear Neil

    I am on the New Academic Practitioners Programme at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. I have started a teaching project that involves getting fellow new academics to create their own ePortfolios. I found your YouTube video where you talk about the PGCAP and your use of ePortfolios. I ‘googled’ you and found this blog and an earlier PGCAP portfolio. I was wondering if I could share your video and links to your portfolio and blogs with the people in this group and if you could please share some answers to these questions:

    1. How does an ePortfolio differ to a blog?

    2. What kinds of personal advantages have you experienced through using these media?

    3. What motivates you to keep on using them?

    4. Any advice, tips or tricks  for new academics who are in the process of creating their own?

    Have a lovely day,


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