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Growing pains?

I’ve toyed with the idea of installing WordPress onto my own webspace for several years, but the barrier has always been the same: I don’t have a SQL database on my domain. Today I logged into to manage my account and I’ve discovered that my provider has now added SQL databases in as standard for my package which is great news.

The time for this couldn’t be better either, as I’ve been tinkering with some Mathematica scripts lately and I can now embed them within blog posts etc, except that for this to work I need to have a way of getting iFrame tags to work… which can’t be done on the free version of WordPress.

If I was to upgrade though, then this could be embedded quite easily, indeed Mathematica can publish specifically into WordPress if needed.  If I can get me head around this, then I’m likely to delete this blog and recreate elsewhere as part of sharing my research.  It’ll be really interesting to see how it comes together, although in fairness I shouldn’t get too excited as I’ve a habit of tinkering which usually means I’ll tinker and then break my hosted blog somehow!